Our surroundings define who we are.

They have a subtle influence on our thinking, our emotional state, our ambitions, our worldview, our attitude.

That manifests both through the people around us, but also through the physical environment in which we spend our lives.

If we are surrounded by people who are unhappy, constantly complain about life, have given up on their own advancement, our perception of life will be skewed in that direction.

If we are surrounded by people who are positive, ambitious, curious, take big juicy bites out of life, we’ll be motivated to achieve more and live better.

Choose your own influences.

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Today is the most important day of your life.

It will never repeat. What you do today is unique.

So, what did you do with your day today? Did you feel pleasure? Did you see the beauty around you? Did you celebrate the joy of being alive, on this exact day?

You will never have the opportunity to live it again.

Make it count.

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